How Can Trees Really Cool Our Cities Down?

How Can Trees Really Cool Our Cities Down?

Roland Ennos, University of Hull

Blue Ocean Event : Game Over?

Just Have a Think

Terrifying proof of global warming

60 Minutes Australia


Seeing The Planet Break Down In Climate Crisis Is Depressing – How To Turn Your Pain Into Action
Seeing The Planet In Climate Crisis Is Depressing – Turn Your Pain Into Action
by Cameron Brick
Environmentalism can feel like a drag. People trying to reduce their environmental impact often feel stressed and…
Crops at risk from changing climate
Crops at risk from changing climate
by Tim Radford
Global warming could bring yet more challenges to a hungry world. New studies have identified precise ways in which a…
Global Inequality Is 25% Higher Than It Would Have Been In A Climate-stable World
by Nicholas Beuret
Those least responsible for global warming will suffer the most. Poorer countries – those that have contributed far…


Blue Ocean Event : Game Over?
by Just Have a Think
A Blue Ocean Event, or Ice-Free Arctic, is the source of almost fever pitch speculation in the climate science world.…
Climate Change - The Facts by Sir David Attenborough
by David Attenborough, BBC
After one of the hottest years on record, Sir David Attenborough looks at the science of climate change and potential…
Why it’s time to think about human extinction
by Kerwin Rae
After listening to this ep with Dr David Suzuki, you’ll never be the same again. The environmentalist, activist,…
Record Temperatures 20-25C Above Norm in far North
by Paul Beckwith
The Northwest Territories of Canada had March temperatures above 20C for the first time (hit 21.6C or 71F); breaking…
Why New CO₂ Capture Technology Is Not The Magic Bullet Against Climate Change
Why New CO₂ Capture Technology Is Not The Magic Bullet Against Climate Change
by Chris Hawes
According to a recent major UN report, if we are to limit temperature rise to 1.5 °C and prevent the most catastrophic…
Why Climate Change Will Dull Autumn Leaf Displays
Why Climate Change Will Dull Autumn Leaf Displays
by Matthew Brookhouse
Every autumn we are treated to one of nature’s finest seasonal annual transitions: leaf colour change and fall.
Climate denial isn’t stopping climate action.
by David Wallace-Wells
Climate change denial draws headlines. But is it actually an obstacle to climate action? A great majority of Americans…
Energy Storage: How to store renewable energy?
by Total
Under your bed, in the attic even on your mobile phone, it seems there's never enough storage. It turns out it's also…


Germany’s AfD turns on Greta Thunberg as it embraces climate denial | Environment
by Kate Connolly in Berlin
Germany’s rightwing populists are embracing climate change denial as the latest topic with which to boost their…
Documenting Climate Change by Air, Land and Sea
by Global Warming & Climate Change
We realized that the Galápagos Islands were important for our series on how climate change is affecting natural and…
Butterfly temperature research 'could boost survival chances'
by BBC News - Science & Environment
Thousands of wild butterflies have had their temperatures taken by researchers who hope the results could help…
UN agency meets to tackle pollution and emissions by ships
by Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent
What is this meeting and why is it important? This week is the 74th meeting of the marine environmental protection…
Poverty and climate change: the perfect storm threatening the health of Australia's poorest
by Melissa Sweet
Renee Blackman runs a health service covering a vast chunk of north-west Queensland – about 640,000 sq km, an area…
Joe Biden Defends Record on Climate and Calls for ‘Environmental Revolution’
by Global Warming & Climate Change
Since entering the 2020 race last month, Mr. Biden has remained largely above the Democratic fray, but on Monday he was…
Q&A: News Corp a malignant influence on our democracy, Richard Di Natale says | Australia news
by Anne Davies
News Corp Australia has triggered a rare moment of unity in the fractious 2019 federal election.
Beto O’Rourke Releases $5 Trillion Climate Change Proposal
by Global Warming & Climate Change
But Varshini Prakash, executive director of the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led activist group that has advocated for the…
Specieswatch: malaria in the UK – how I set a debate buzzing
by Paul Brown
A line in a scientific report about what climate change might mean to the UK, which caused a lot of trouble for this…
Greta Thunberg: Teen activist says UK is 'irresponsible' on climate
by BBC News - Science & Environment
Teenage activist Greta Thunberg has described the UK's response to climate change as "beyond absurd".
Global Wealth Gap Would Be Smaller Today Without Climate Change
by Global Warming & Climate Change
The study relies on earlier research by Marshall Burke, an economist at Stanford. In that earlier work, he had found…
Marsh could be the best defence against coastal erosion
by Paul Brown
Many of the coastal sea defences erected after the 1953 flood that killed 307 people in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and…
Climate Change: The Facts review – our greatest threat, laid bare
by Rebecca Nicholson
Once, a night in with David Attenborough promised the TV equivalent of a warm blanket. It was a chance to watch…