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Climate change: China coal surge threatens Paris targets
While the rest of the world has cut coal-based electricity over the past 18 months, China has added enough to power 31 million homes.
The climate science is clear: it's now or never to avert catastrophe
The one thing never to forget about global warming is that it’s a timed test.
Musicians 'have to be proactive' on climate change
"Do we really need 27 scene changes? Do we need cars hanging from the ceiling?"
North Sea oilfields could help contain climate change, says report
North Sea oil executives believe the ageing fossil fuel basin may still lead a global climate revolution by providing a testbed for clean energy breakthroughs.
What if All That Flying Is Good for the Planet?
Don’t get me wrong. As a conservationist and sustainable tourism expert, I am an advocate for a more responsible approach to tourism.
Can carbon offsets tackle airlines’ emissions problem?
Global carbon emissions from the aviation industry are growing faster than expected, and pose a serious risk to world’s climate efforts if left to grow unchecked.
Global heating supercharging Indian Ocean climate system
Global heating is “supercharging” an increasingly dangerous climate mechanism in the Indian Ocean that has played a role in disasters this year including bushfires in Australia and floods in Africa.
As Climate Risk Grows, Cities Test a Tough Strategy: Saying ‘No’ to Developers
If that happens, “you have 30 homes sitting truly on an island,” said Gerald Harris, an attorney for Virginia Beach.
Her Message About Climate Change: It’s Not Too Late
You’ve done a lot of writing and talks and have a public profile. Do you ever encounter sexism in that realm?
How To Encourage Citizens To Speak Up & Governments To Listen In The Pursuit Of Sustainable Cities?
“Working in silos won’t work to tackle this challenge. It’s just impossible,” says Chloé Pahud, Co-founder and CEO of Civocracy – a digital citizen engagement platform.
Young activists to target Pelosi over Democrats' inaction on climate crisis
Young activists frustrated and frightened by Democrats’ inaction on the climate crisis will occupy the office of the top Democrat in Congress this week to mark the beginning of a hunger strike.
Two of America’s biggest coal plants closed this month
First the dirtiest ones began shutting down. Then it was the old ones. Now it’s some of the biggest. America’s coal plants are turning off the boilers, facing brutal economics and customers fleeing for natural gas and renewable energy.
The Amazon: on the frontline of a global battle to tackle the climate crisis
On the six-hour boat ride down the Iriri river to Manolito, there is almost no other traffic and only a handful of small homes.
Pacific seals at risk as Arctic ice melt lets deadly disease spread from Atlantic
A potentially deadly disease affecting marine mammals, including seals and sea otters, has been passed from the North Atlantic Ocean to the northern Pacific thanks to the melting of the Arctic sea ice.
World's Largest Floating Wind Turbine Launching Soon In Portugal
20 kilometers off the coast of Viana do Castello, Portugal, is about to be the new home to the largest floating wind turbine in the world, an 8.4-megawatt (MW) ABS-classed offshore wind turbine.
Large-scale tree planting 'no easy task'
We now have yet another green battleground in this election campaign: trees.
Reforesting the UK: 'Trees are the ultimate long-term project'
“This whole area wants to be a wood,” says Edward Milbank, sweeping his arm across the former hill farm in Northumberland.Small saplings of birch have invaded the cleared ground, but many more trees are being pushed into the soil by hand.
How Many Climate Activists Haven't Bought A Tesla Because They've Been Tricked By Big Oil?
I’m a hardcore climate activist. I’ve been one for approximately 20 years (and writing that sure does make me feel old).
Liberal Democrats pledge to plant 60m trees a year
The Liberal Democrats have pledged to plant 60m trees every year if they get into government, increasing the UK’s forest cover by 1m hectares by 2045.
Apocalypse Got You Down? Maybe This Will Help
There is dismissiveness about whether individual choices like how we consume and transport ourselves matter: Why cancel that trip to Europe if it’s too late anyway and if everyone is still addicted to fossil fuels?
Wrong turn: why Australia's vehicle emissions are rising
“An electric ute would be great,” Rhys Jones says from the driver’s seat of his ute while waiting out the front of the work site.
This is what it looks like when your government sells out the climate for votes
In a dispiriting political week like the one we’ve just had, it helps to keep things simple.
Intentional Endowments Network: Working Toward A Sustainable & Regenerative Tomorrow
They ask us to envision an economic system in which we consider how every action affects people around the world, now and for the future.
Volkswagen EV Factory In Chattanooga Will Include Battery Pack Manufacturing
Volkswagen broke ground on its long planned EV factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee this week.
General election 2019: Lib Dems pledge £100bn climate fund over five years
A Liberal Democrat government would spend £100bn tackling the effects of climate change and protecting the environment, the party's deputy leader has announced.
Sentinel for sea-level rise enters testing
The next satellite tasked with maintaining the "gold standard" measurement of sea-level rise is about to enter final testing.
Nestlé Says It Can Be Virtuous and Profitable. Is That Even Possible?
Born in Germany, Mr. Schneider, 54, earned an M.B.A. from Harvard. Before being recruited to Nestlé in 2017, he was chief executive of Fresenius, a health care company in Bad Homburg, a city near Frankfurt.
Trump and His Party of Pollution
We don’t know exactly how this will play out, but it seems safe to say that if Trump stays in office, a lot more Americans will die as a result of his anti-environmental policies
I wish I'd never been born: the rise of the anti-natalists
In February, a 27-year-old Indian man named Raphael Samuel announced plans for an unusual lawsuit.
Harvard Study Shows Where Investments In Renewable Energy Can Be Most Effective
Sometimes, a study or report comes to such an obvious conclusion you wonder why the study needed to be done in the first place.
Climate Change Poses Threats to Children’s Health Worldwide
To that end, the report does contain glimmers of hope. Carbon intensity, or how much energy can be produced for each unit of greenhouse gas released, has increased.
One Thing We Can Do: Balance Our Energy Demand
A typical two-person, very wealthy household — one with more than $1 million in investments in addition to a home and personal property
5 Global Trends Shaping Our Climate Future
Last year, consumers around the world bought 2 million electric cars, spurred by a combination of falling battery costs and generous vehicle incentives in places like China and California.
The Guardian view on the floods: global heating and British soaking
The death of Annie Hall, the former high sheriff of Derbyshire who was swept away by floodwater last Friday in Darley Dale near Matlock, was the saddest and most shocking consequence so far of the destruction wreaked across northern parts of England over the past week.
Maya Lin to Conjure Dying Trees to Make a Point
Those walking through Madison Square Park in June may find themselves wondering at why some trees seem to be dying during the lushest time of the year.
Questions raised over state-backed fund for electric car charging
The private equity firm appointed by the government to manage as much as £400m in investment in electric charging points has awarded millions of pounds to a company in which it holds a controlling financial interest.
Meet The 12-Year-Old Girl Who Documented Climate Change From Nicaragua
12-year-old Edelsin Linette Mendez lives with her siblings and parents on their small coffee farm in the beautiful highlands of Nicaragua.
Climate change: Sea ice loss linked to spread of deadly virus
The decline in sea ice seen in the Arctic in recent decades has been linked by scientists to the spread of a deadly virus in marine mammals.
Trump Administration Makes It Easier to Dredge Protected Areas to Restore Beaches
A spokeswoman for the Interior Department, Melissa Brown, said in a statement that “There is absolutely no connection whatsoever” between the vote and the letter from Mr. Bernhardt.
The Climate Crisis in Terms Trump Can Understand
The Paris Agreement is not a trade agreement. There is no trade-off between Detroit, Youngstown and Pittsburgh, on the one side, and Paris on the other. Tariffs and sanctions will not make this problem go away.
Legal & General fund boosts stakes in firms it shamed over climate crisis
The UK’s biggest fund manager has spent nearly £300m this year increasing its shareholdings in companies it named and shamed for dragging their heels on climate action.
Majority of UK public back 2030 zero-carbon target
A majority of the UK public and almost half of Conservative voters support a radical plan to transform the economy and tackle the climate crisis, a poll suggests.
Is Mayor Pete the Answer?
I’ve been an Op-Ed columnist at The New York Times since 2017, writing mainly about politics, ideology and gender.
Climate Change, Florida, Texas, & The 2020 Election — CleanTech Talk with Mike Barnard
In this episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Zach Shahan sits down again with Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist of TFIE Strategy Inc.
Twitter political ad ban could silence climate activists, says Warren | Technology
Twitter’s plan to ban all political advertising risks muzzling climate activists while giving polluters free rein to promote themselves, the US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has said.
Tech’s Environmental Impact and What You Can Do About It
Outside of your job, what tech products are you personally obsessed with?
Why Walmart and Other Companies Are Sticking With the Paris Climate Deal
As climate impacts intensify, they are projected to become more costly.
Sea levels set to keep rising for centuries even if emissions targets met
Sea level rise is set to challenge human civilization for centuries to come, even if internationally agreed climate goals are met and planet-warming emissions are then immediately eliminated, researchers have found.
A Tribute To Paradoxes
Although people like to think of humans as being rational, paradoxical behaviors are common in our world; a smoking doctor, parents loving their children but not using vaccines which were invented to save their lives, or people who think that owning a gun makes the world a safer place.
Campaigners try again to stop Norway drilling for oil in Arctic
Climate campaigners are taking Norway’s government back to court to oppose its plans to open the Arctic for oil drilling despite a public commitment to tackle the environmental crisis.
The Fastest Growing Source of Global Emissions
The multidimensional aspects of a situation are sometimes quite hard to grasp. Take a situation that involves one’s health, one’s transit, and commuting habits.
Trump begins year-long process to formally exit Paris climate agreement
Donald Trump is moving to formally exit the Paris climate agreement, making the United States the only country in the world that will not participate in the pact, as global temperatures are set to rise 3C and worsening extreme weather will drive millions into poverty.
Trump Serves Notice to Quit Climate Accord, as Diplomats Work to Save It
Such efforts are expanding internationally. While the Paris Agreement focused on national governments, Ms. Tubiana said the actions of states, provinces, businesses and others were driving some of the most concrete changes.
5 Lessons We Learned From the California Wildfires
“We are coming off what was a historic event,” Andrew Vesey, PG&E’s chief executive for utility operations, said during one of the daily briefings about the intentional blackouts.
Google workers call on company to adopt aggressive climate plan
More than 1,000 Google workers have signed a public letter calling on their employer to commit to an aggressive “company-wide climate plan” that includes canceling contracts with the fossil fuel industry and halting its donations to climate change deniers.

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To Win A Climate Election, Parties Need Ambition, Not Compromise With The Fossil Fuel Industry
To Win A Climate Election, Parties Need Ambition, Not Compromise With The Fossil Fuel Industry
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The UK will go to the polls on December 12 for the third time in four years. Climate change didn’t make waves in…
3 Ways Cities Can Prepare For Climate Emergencies
3 Ways Cities Can Prepare For Climate Emergencies
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Cities are on the front line of climate change. While their footprints cover a mere two per cent of the Earth’s…
How Green Roofs Can Protect City Streets From Flooding
How Green Roofs Can Protect City Streets From Flooding
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Spring and summer 2017 have been among the wettest on record in eastern North America.