Winter temperatures seem to gyrate from extreme cold to extreme warmth, and back again, in an endless repeating cycle. When this gyration passes through the freezing point there is frost, snow, melt, rain cycling repeatedly, wreaking havoc on roads, rail lines, bridges, buildings, water pipes, animals and plants. Infrastructure and wildlife suffer greatly, and there are huge temperature contrasts greatly increasing the frequency, severity, and duration of extreme weather events. Why?

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Paul Beckwith is a physicist, engineer, and professor at the University of Ottawa. He is in a Ph.D. program, with a focus on Abrupt Climate System Change.

He is the creator of entertaining and comprehensible videos of sometimes daunting subjects, especially in climate system science, meteorology (weather), oceanography and Earth Sciences at YouTube. He has a knack for explaining complex issues in easily understood language to the general public.

He is widely followed on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for sharing significant resources and content in Earth Sciences, climate change and geo-engineering.

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